hello gold touch n go

Beli Emas Guna Touch N Go by HelloGold

Tinggal beberapa hari je lagi promosi emas Hellogold bersama Touch N Go eWallet bakal berakhir. Menarik offer dia cuma beli emas RM100 ( kira-kira dalam 0.42gm+ emas ) di apps Hellogold, pelabur akan mendapat RM10 cashback + RM10 dalam bentuk gold (0.04gm+ emas)

Harga emas hello gold RM236.94/gm, jika beli RM100 dapat dalam 0.42gm emas, tapi kalau beli guna Touch N Go Wallet dapat dalam 0.46gm + RM10.00 cashback..

0.42gm + 0.042gm (Promosi) + RM10.00 cashback

Nak apa lagi, ok sangat dah tu dapat emas murah, tapi ini emas digital lah bukan physical, tapi ok verified by kerajaan. Promosi berakhir 28 June 2020, tinggal 3 hari je lagi.

beli emas hello gold touch n go


How To Grab This Promotion
hello gold touch n go promo
Step 1
For new users, download the HelloGold app and sign up. For existing users, update your HelloGold app to the latest version.

Step 2
Login to your HelloGold account and click ‘Buy Gold’

Step 3
Key in your desired savings value worth RM100 and above (to be eligible for rewards).

Step 4
Select the Touch ‘n Go eWallet as your preferred payment method.

Step 5
Click ‘Buy’ to complete your transaction.