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B170Red Love Bangle Square6.06168GT1,705.001,613.10
B168Red Love Bangle Circle5.74168GT1,624.001,530.88
L309RT Pulut Dakap 2C8.99237RT2,517.002,388.96
P898Bubble tea Pendant (14mm)2.6484P/L754.00699.08
R394Coco Ring (s)1.791842C496.00448.00
P1015Butterfly pendant (20mm)1.8260P/L522.00461.28
R395love ring1.611033C441.00401.36
R193X ring2.701560C745.00706.33
R193X ring2.641360C730.00691.08
R193X ring2.541460C704.00665.66
R193X ring2.981560C816.00777.51
R193X ring2.641260C730.00691.08
R95Heart ring5.1912105C1,421.001,354.28
R95Heart ring5.3014105C1,449.001,382.24
R397Aodi ring1.081430C304.00284.53
R397Aodi ring1.051330C296.00276.91
R397Aodi ring1.091630C306.00287.07
R397Aodi ring1.071230C301.00281.99
R397Aodi ring1.091530C306.00287.07
R397Aodi ring1.071230C301.00281.99
R397Aodi ring1.131530C317.00297.24
R397Aodi ring1.041130C294.00274.36
R397Aodi ring1.081330C304.00284.53
R397Aodi ring1.031430C291.00271.82
R194Double Line Ring4.051460C1,087.00991.42
R194Double Line Ring3.601060C973.00883.48
R194Double Line Ring3.501060C948.00859.50
R194Double Line Ring3.721460C1,003.00912.27
L215Lucky Leaf Abacus Bracelet - S2.90113RT848.00
L215Lucky Leaf Abacus Bracelet - S2.86113RT838.00
L215Lucky Leaf Abacus Bracelet - S2.83113RT830.00
L215Lucky Leaf Abacus Bracelet - S3.00113RT873.00
L215Lucky Leaf Abacus Bracelet - S2.98113RT868.00
L2513PCS Little Waist Bracelet4.21105RT1,173.00
L2513PCS Little Waist Bracelet4.33105RT1,203.00
L250Little Waist Bracelet3.00132RT893.00
L250Little Waist Bracelet3.27132RT961.00
L250Little Waist Bracelet3.08132RT913.00
L250Little Waist Bracelet3.11132RT921.00
L250Little Waist Bracelet2.97132RT885.00
L214Lucky Leaf Abacus Bracelet - S3.80120RT1,084.00
L214Lucky Leaf Abacus Bracelet - S3.70120RT1,058.00
L214Lucky Leaf Abacus Bracelet - S3.73120RT1,066.00
L214Lucky Leaf Abacus Bracelet - S3.82120RT1,089.00
GOLD BAR 5 G5.001051,373.001,230.00
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